Visibility vs. Value

Is over-engineering a response to cultural trauma? The value (or demand for) status. Sensible strategy for creating value in the world. The value of self-promotion. Charlatans, hiders, and value show-uppers. What’s the right ration of allocating time for self-promotion versus creating value? How do you unlock your showing up? What is the value of shining? […]

Impeachment Hearings and Truth

Impeachment hearings go in real time, hard to think slow enough to ask the questions and un-bias the conversation (if you want to think based on what is true). A framework for understanding: The value of multiple viewpoints Viewpoints are often chosen based on values (though multi-viewpoints are good generally) Each viewpoint can have a […]

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 (morning)

Using cynicism as a form of wisdom. Reacting versus responding. Family dynamics showing up in business, relationships. Noticing the difference between feelings and reactions. Personal identities and company identity. How you find clients who will make you successful (starting with where people are, emotionally and logically). (Helping people who are easy to be helped.) Handling […]