Visibility vs. Value

Is over-engineering a response to cultural trauma? The value (or demand for) status. Sensible strategy for creating value in the world. The value of self-promotion. Charlatans, hiders, and value show-uppers. What’s the right ration of allocating time for self-promotion versus creating value? How do you unlock your showing up? What is the value of shining? […]

Impeachment Hearings and Truth

Impeachment hearings go in real time, hard to think slow enough to ask the questions and un-bias the conversation (if you want to think based on what is true). A framework for understanding: The value of multiple viewpoints Viewpoints are often chosen based on values (though multi-viewpoints are good generally) Each viewpoint can have a […]

Conscious mind and auto-mind

Conscious mind and auto-mind. We discuss the Alliance for Community Development’s new Values System. The back-and-forth relationship (bidirectional feedback loop) between cultural signifiers and internalized culture. (Values System is an example of trying to intercept this and put in a consciously desired influence.) And another back-and-forth relationship between “slow mind” (PFC) and “fast mind” to […]