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Impeachment Hearings and Truth

Impeachment hearings go in real time, hard to think slow enough to ask the questions and un-bias the conversation (if you want to think based on what is true).

A framework for understanding:

  1. The value of multiple viewpoints
  2. Viewpoints are often chosen based on values (though multi-viewpoints are good generally)
  3. Each viewpoint can have a degree of accuracy or distortion
  4. Distortion can be deliberate or non-deliberate


The push towards ever-greater division has led many people to seek better ways of coming together. The work to do this isĀ different from the human process to tell the story we already know. When I see that others are seeing things very differently than me, I feel called to find out why. Part of this requires listening and trying to understand. Greater understanding requires suspending judgement (but not suspending discernment). This feels to me, now, like a movement without a name (yet).

One reply on “Impeachment Hearings and Truth”

One thing I have to go on the record to say, though: Yes, I think Democrats were looking for a thing they could impeach him on. But regardless of this, this _itself_ is a terrible thing, and he _should_ be impeached for it. It’s not _just_ that people were “waiting to get him”.

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