Carpool Conversations

Conscious Mind and Auto-Mind

Conscious mind and auto-mind. We discuss the Alliance for Community Development’s new Values System.

The back-and-forth relationship (bidirectional feedback loop) between cultural signifiers and internalized culture. (Values System is an example of trying to intercept this and put in a consciously desired influence.)

And another back-and-forth relationship between “slow mind” (PFC) and “fast mind” to create the best outcomes.

Cultural-emotional inertia. When did the “conquer nature” mindset emerge. Robert Graves. Ishamel. A note on this piece: I have been reading The Patterning Instinct, which traces our collective cognitive history, and its origins. So now I know that the early Proto-Indo European (PIE) culture around the Black Sea were the first peoples to domesticate the horse, and this gave them an enormous military advantage that allowed them to spread into and dominate Europe and the Middle East. They brought with them a far more male-dominated culture that also had very strong ideas of “right” versus “wrong”, embedded into their langage, which we carry with us to this day.

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