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Limitations of Perfectionist/Accountability Mindset, Going with the Flow

Learn the limitations of perfectionist/accountability mindset. Go with the flow.

Conversation Notes

Some Very Loose Notes From the Alliance Conference on Friday

Buffy Wicks

41% of our greenhouse emissions come out of our exhaust pipes

Invest in keeping people in their homes
BART can now buy 100% renewable energy

1,000 little things you can do to make a difference
Inspires me to be a model

Wants to create Clean Air Centers to support homeless, et al during now wildfires (tell her about Mask Oakland)

creating resilient infrastructure

we have to start thinking about how we deal with this new world order that we’re in
how we can get to the moonshot goals

can we get rid of plastics in our lives?

create a values-based economy


Kate Gordon, Dir of Office of Planning & Research State of CA

previous climate advisor

frameworks for tackling … climate?

what are the structures that lead to … people being homeless, or otherwise unable to access help?

contributed to green jobs movement and concept

taking about huge macroeconomic shift for every sector. we can do that well or badly. run over people or not along the way.

Green New Deal—project akin at state level? We are already doing…

CA cap and trade
more than 1/2 ($35M) over 3 years go to helping disadvantaged people. a construction career ladders program for people coming out of prison. YAY!

Feels like they are demonstrating how it looks to do this

People driving alone to work to get to affordable housing is heavily contributing to a now 6% per year increase in cars on the road

“It can feel like incrementalism…”

excited about technologies around resilience

opportunities she sees?

governor is really big on carbon renewal

– water: reclamation. so we can reuse.
– waste. plastics. circular economy. putting it starting on the manufacturers. turning methane into plastic products
– energy. resilience to the grid. blockchain the grid (more secure, you can island pieces of a network potentially), micro-grids.
– climate/air. connecting the dots–secondary car market. less than 1% of cars are sold as new. like CarMax, how do we change that fleet over. 2M cars contribute to huge chunk of the smog
– labor/health & wellness. moved from green jobs to greening the economy.

theme-profit, people, planet — the case for bold sustainability

How can we be more bold?

has to be integrated into everything we do—a fundamental shift to the way we do everythjng. means walking the walk. not shaming. finding cool alternative innovations.



Trevor Parham, creator of Oakstop
owning the place
nexus for community
tapping into local resources, knowing it’ll be relevant to the local scene
serving the needs he’s seeing
what would benefit? design to suit

Welcome Center to orient, integrate new arrivals?
Key issues here:

  • housing crisis (“am I going to stay?”)
  • gentrification — can sliding scale smooth out some of the bifurcations in the process?

meeting people–getting to know each other, spending time
getting out of car

neighborhood associations

city–no community agreements. when deal is done. still at the mercy of people who do own the things. because they’re not looking for a localist, inclusive business. if we don’t start with policy, that’s it.


As global actor, who works “virtually” a lot, what set of ethics and values do we want to adopt that will give us the best of the two aspects–global connection and local embeddedness?



Mario R.
Pachamama Alliance
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Mission: To create an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and just human experience on the planet.

we need an enrollment that comes internally and speaks to an inner commitment

people bombarded with data
generate a different relationship to situations and how you see it as an opportunity to act–we arrived exactly at this moment

–That somehow, billions of souls have arrived at just the right time to be the changemakers at this time.

how to generate not only action, but also possibility.

generating a new relationship with the situations in the world, and seeing it as an opportunity in the world.

has been an actual paradigm shift in how Americans look at climate change

moving from awareness to action with urgency

sequestering CO2


strategic impact
the small indvidual
… but the quantum effect of somehow having it visible
… Values Verified as frat ex



Kate Wasorth, Doughnut Economics
Buddhist Economics
circular economics
Braiding Sweetgrass book
connection to place and time

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