Some very loose notes from the Alliance conference on Friday Buffy Wicks 41% of our greenhouse emissions come out of our exhaust pipes Invest in keeping people in their homes BART can now buy 100% renewable energy 1,000 little things you can do to make a difference Inspires me to be a model Wants to create Clean Air Centers to support homeless, et al […]

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 (morning)

Using cynicism as a form of wisdom. Reacting versus responding. Family dynamics showing up in business, relationships. Noticing the difference between feelings and reactions. Personal identities and company identity. How you find clients who will make you successful (starting with where people are, emotionally and logically). (Helping people who are easy to be helped.) Handling […]

Thursday, September 19, 2019 (morning)

How being watched affects you. Identities. Being recorded. The epidemic of loneliness. Is social media helpful somehow? Hyper-individualism (good and not so good). “Group individualism.” Infinite consciousness coming through the human experience. Infinite consciousness mediated through the human experience. Helen and Chris.

Thursday, September 19 (afternoon)

Epidemic of loneliness. Chiapas people have 300 days of festivals. “How are you doing?” (Robot answer vs. your true answer.) The practice of integrity and being a good human. What is “right and wrong?” What does it mean to “glorify God?” Helen, Joe, and Chris. AvatarĀ® is a registered trademarks of Star’s Edge, Inc. All […]